Zheng Meyer-Zhao

A software developer and a proud mom.
Passionate about High Performance Computing, Big Data and Machine Learning.
Fluent in Chinese, English and Dutch. Love board games and Belgian beer.

About me

The northeast of China, a small city called Siping in Jilin Province, is where I come from. After receiving my bachelor degree from Jilin University in 2003, I moved to Belgium to continue studying at the Free University of Brussels (VUB). Three years later, I received two master degrees and moved to The Netherlands to work, first at the Utrecht University, then at the University of Groningen. I lived in The Netherlands for five years, during which I learned Dutch, met a tall Dutch guy and got married :-). In 2011, my husband and I moved to Taiwan to experience the life in Asia (for him, it is the first time; for me, it is familiar but different). At the end of 2014, our son Lenn is born in Taipei (and we are living a happy life forever ...).

I moved back to The Netherlands with my family in October 2015. From 1st of December 2015, I work as a consultant in the Clustercomputing group of SURFsara in Amsterdam.

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